Download Kinemaster Diamond Apk Latest Version [November-2022] Free

Whenever you try to download an application, you don’t get the features you’re looking for because of limited features unlocked? Are you also not interested in paying for the additional features? Good! You won’t have to pay anything for advanced features with Kinemaster diamond apk.

The new Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk allows you to use advanced effects and editing to enhance your videos, whether you are a YouTuber or a student.With the new Kinemaster Pro version, there are a lot of editing features that were not available in the older version.

There are a lot of features on this video editing app, including stickers, graphics, effects, and fonts for writing subtitles and comments.You need to know the following things before you start selecting Kinemaster Diamond as your video editor of choice.

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Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk: What is it?


Kinemaster Diamond Apk

This is one of the best applications available for your videos. It was developed by the KineMaster Cooperation. The main purpose of this app is to edit and create videos that have a more professional look and feel by using all of the advanced features available in this app. The Kinemaster Diamond Apk has solved all your common problems related to making videos with perfection, so you don’t need to worry about watermarks and video quality.

All the features of an expensive program of which you must buy this app are included in this application. Therefore, buying expensive software is unnecessary when all the advanced features can be accessed for free. Adding fun animations, stickers, and high importing and exporting quality without watermarks to your videos will make them more creative. You should download this app right away.

There are several websites from where it can be downloaded for free, even though it isn’t available at the app store. Please find links below to download the free version without having to purchase the premium version. If you are not interested in this diamond version, you can also check out Kinemaster pro mod apk.You can also check out Kinemaster pro mod apk if this diamond version does not appeal to you.

Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk Information Table

Name Kienmaster Diamond
Category Video Editor
Price Free
Current Version 5.4.1
Size 46 MB
Downloads 101 Million+
Ratings 4.6
Requirements Android 5.0+
Updated On 3 Days Ago

Kinemaster Diamond is a modified version of Kinemaster Pro, which had many features unlocked and limited editing possibilities, but now it contains almost all the features you need. Also available KINEMASTER NEW VERSION

Key features

  • Trimming every frame inch-by-inch
  • An instant preview option is available for all edits
  • Changing the voice and audio filters
  • Download more features from the asset store
  • Effects for transitions have been updated and improved
  • Removed the watermark
  • Option to optimize speed
  • There is a wide range of themes
  • Audio, visuals, and effects updated
  • A 4K export is possible
  • Audio and video recordings in real-time
  • Combining features
  • Videos can be reversed
  • Setting saturations, hues, and color contrasts
  • Layers of video in excess of one
  • Color filters of the highest quality
  • Overlays to be added
  • Multi-layered audio and image layers
  • Ability to write in hand
  • There are several sizes available for videos, including 16 : 9, 9 : 16, and 1 : 1.
  • Additional cool features are included as well
  • A great option without a watermark
  • A beautiful background can enhance any theme
  • Video, audio, and effects layers
  • The premium features are all unlocked
  • Direct sharing via Youtube or your site of choice
  • Video or image speed can be fully controlled
  • Theme options
  • Also available are animations
  • By applying various filters, you can obtain different audio and video results
  • This is a chroma key
  • There are many eye-catching effects such as blurs, mosaics, and others.
  • Transition and fading effects in 3D

How does the updated version differ from the previous one in terms of its features?

1. There is no watermark

In addition, the application was developed by a third-party manufacturer, therefore, the watermark was removed. Your videos will no longer be distracted by watermarks, which reduce the visual effectiveness. Kinemaster Diamond makes videos without watermarks on viewers’ screens, so they can watch them without the unprofessional feeling. In addition to kinemaster mod apk, there is a simple version.

2. Support at the highest level

The older version of Kinemaster Pro only allowed the use of three layers at maximum; however, with the advanced Diamond version, you can add as many layers as you wish without being restricted to three layers. A track can be layered and added to more than one other. Adding videos or images to a single frame is also possible, and you can put many images or videos at once.

3. Video exports are fast

Compared to other video editing apps, this app can export videos twice as fast. With the old Kinemaster Diamond Mod version, video exporting was quite slow which resulted in wasting your time, but with the new Kinemaster Diamond Mod version, you will both save money and time. Some apps don’t even allow you to export videos for free, while others can cause errors while exporting videos, meaning you waste the time you spend editing and waiting for the export to complete.

4. Quick and easy import

Video and song imports from your gallery are easy to do with this kinemaster app. It is also simple and quick to choose required photos, and you can record live videos or take photos directly.

5. Text size expanded

In addition, it now includes insertion and editing of text. Select the style of writing and the method of writing as you see fit to edit the text however you like. With this advanced application, you can even handwrite.

6. Using a blending tool

Video clips and photos must be changed with this tool to create a soft and fluid effect, otherwise they will create a rigid, unfinished image. Blending is no longer a problem with this app. If you use Kinemaster diamond, you won’t have to use any third-party applications for creating a blending effect.

7. Access to chroma keys

The best part about this app is that it offers quite the advanced feature literally free of charge. The green screen effect removes the background and adds the background of your choice. A video editing app that is easy to use allows you to change the video background whenever you like, allowing you to create fantasy effects or backgrounds just like in Hollywood.

8. Free full-featured software

All the features are available for free in this app, which is the best part. So you don’t have to pay any money to unlock the features via a purchase or through a different method of unlocking features, as in some applications, unlocked features make the editing process more difficult and expensive.

9. Support for 60 frames per second and 4K

With Kinemaster Diamond, you can edit video in this quality and at 60 frames per second, which is impossible with most editors. The video can be imported, edited, and exported in the same high quality without deteriorating.

10. Four, eight, and sixteen times the speed

You can control the speed of video using this versatile app without it crashing. Regardless of the speed setting it is applied to, the quality of the video is not affected, no matter what speed it is.

11. The store has been unlocked

You can also unlock other features from the unlock store that you are unable to access at the beginning but want to access now. These features are also free and are unlocked without charges.

12. Your video should be reversed

In addition to the reversing of your videos, the app kinemaster diamond has another interesting feature. Although not all applications can reverse video, even the premium ones don’t support it.

The formats we support

The video format

A .mp4, a .3gp, a .mov Video

Standard / main / high profile H.264 with ACLC (H.264 Baseline, Main, High Profile)

Playback format

M4A, .aac, .mp3

Format for images

The formats are .jpg and .png

Recording audio and video in real time

Recording audio or video live is possible

How to download?

Download For PC

It is now possible to download this app on your PC and it works without errors and supports the Windows operating system. Now, with the larger screen, you can edit videos with greater ease and more details. Bluestack is an app that allows you to download mobile applications and games to your PC. You can now download Kinemaster directly from this app.

Download For Android

  • Clicking the download button on the download link will allow you to download the files
  • You should then select the option to allow unknown sources under security settings
  • You will then see the option to install the app after clicking the downloaded app
  • You can have a lot of fun creating your own world!

Overall, I strongly advise you to download Kinemaster Diamond Mod APK as soon as possible and begin testing. When you read all the specifications and benefits of this package, you will waste a lot of time and energy on useless applications.

Once you start using this master app, you won’t even consider using another app. There are all the editing tools you could ever wish for. Hopefully, this will be a journey that’s filled with wonders for your videos, no matter what type you want to make. Good luck!


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