Download Tubemate APK Frequently Asked Question [November-2022]

What is TubeMate?

It is a mobile application created especially so that users can download videos or music from the YouTube platform and then be able to watch these videos and listen to this music without having to be connected to any network.

Where can TubeMate be downloaded from?

Unfortunately TubeMate cannot be downloaded from the official Google Play Store or App Store , since the creators of the application did not reach an agreement with the Google entrepreneurs to include it in their official store. However, it can be downloaded from the official website or other virtual stores that offer downloading of mobile applications.

How do I download TubeMate?

You simply enter the official TubeMate website where you can find the download link, click on this link and then the Apk file will be downloaded, which will be saved in a memory to transfer it to the mobile device. Read the complete tutorial to be able to download Tubemate on your device.

How is TubeMate installed?

Once the APK file has been downloaded, the option to accept the installation of unknown applications is enabled on the mobile device, after this you just have to run the APK and the installation will only take a few seconds. See the complete tutorial to be able to install TubeMate on your device correctly.

How is TubeMate used?

As Tubemate has an interface very similar to that of YouTube, users will find an application known in terms of its browsing mode, since it has a search box where users can search for the videos they want to download . You just have to look for the video and then give it the format in which you want to download and the download will start automatically.

Is Tubemate compatible with all mobile phone models?

At first TubeMate was only compatible for smartphones that had the Android operating system , however today it can be installed on iOS and Windows Phone , Blackberry even for PC .

Do I have to pay any money to download TubeMate?

No, Tubemate is a completely free application and is available to all mobile device users.

How many videos can I download with TubeMate?

The amount of videos you can download depends on the capacity of the internal memory of your mobile device and the capacity of the SD card of your device. In case you see that they fill up, you can delete some videos and download new videos that are to your liking.

Is it true that TubeMate is not in the Play Store?

It is completely true, because Google did not reach an agreement with the creators of TubeMate and for this reason it is not included in the Play Store, although it can be found in other application stores.

What other options or functions does Tubemate have?

In addition to downloading videos and songs, with TubeMate you can create playlists of your favorite videos as well as download files in Mp 3 (music, audio, etc.), as well as you can connect directly to the YouTube website.

Are there other mobile applications that allow you to download videos?

Yes, there are different alternatives to TubeMate , but TubeMate has been the first application that allows these functions, that is why it is so requested by users.