Download Videos with TubeMate [November-2022]

Download Videos with TubeMate [November-2022]

n any part of the world it has been necessary to produce and reproduce videos, since it has become the best visual medium of the time. That is why many Internet users need to download hundreds of videos every moment to be able to work in different ways , either to make a great exhibition in the company where you work, or simply as entertainment when doing routine exercises or simply when traveling. . Here are some tips to download videos with TubeMate .

Download Videos with TubeMate [November-2022]

Why Use TubeMate to Download Videos?

As is well known, this application is very useful not only because of the advantages of its easy installation and subsequent use, but also because it is available on numerous pages for download. When downloading videos with TubeMate we find numerous benefits and tools that we will have available at any time of the day, here are just a few of them:

For example, being connected to the internet we can download free videos with TubeMate in the place and time that we need it most, making our own collection of videos and favorite songs, but from that moment on we can start enjoying the different types of content that We have downloaded to the phone or PC without the need for an internet connection.

In such a way that it is one of the most attractive applications that we can find. Unlike other apps where you can download free content from YouTube , this app doesn’t take much space on your computer or smartphone. Only what is just and necessary to be able to make multiple downloads, so that it does not reduce unnecessary space or speed to your device.

Advantages of Using TubeMate to Download Videos

Apart from that, it allows us to share the information that we save with the different types of social networks that we have at our disposal such as Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , among others. It also allows you to associate with your Google account to be able to work with the material already uploaded or marked on YouTub/ . .

When downloading free videos with TubeMate you have different options to save it on your device, go to Menu => Preferences => Download Folder (Video). It will appear that by default there is the dry/video folder and here you can change the folder or create one new folder where you save your downloaded files .

If you want to convert a video from MP4 format or another type of format to MP3 format , the process is very easy:
Go to Menu / Downloads and then click on the video to convert, finally select Convert to MP3 and that’s it.
In any case, when downloading videos from the internet with TubeMate, we recommend that you choose a folder but that it is from the MicroSD card , so that you do not end up filling up the memory space of your device. And in this way you keep the phone as operational as possible.

Of course, you can delete any video or song already downloaded at any time you want, thus allowing you to make new downloads in the future. And so you don’t fill your memory with videos that you no longer use or want to show to anyone else.

Any doubt or problem that arises you can visit the official TubeMate page that is at our disposal, not only to answer questions or concerns but also to download the application, as well as consult tutorials that will help you handle said application with better precision .

Don’t wait any longer, start enjoying the experience of watching, saving and suggesting videos just as you would directly on the official YouTube page , but with the difference that at some point you can do it without any internet connection. There is no doubt that downloading videos from the internet with TubeMate is the best option.