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Bring your MP3 collection to life with animated performances as you embark on a career in music. Form your own band by recruiting talent from over 150 artists across 6 unique labels, or enjoy creating your own stars with the editor.
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Popscene Mod APK Download Latest Version

Download the latest version of Popscene Mod APK because the music industry sim has gone platinum – celebrating more than 1 MILLION downloads!

Rejuvenate your MP3 assortment with enlivened exhibitions as you set out on a vocation in music. Structure your band by enrolling more than 150 specialists across six exceptional names, or appreciate making your stars with the manager. Then, at that point, record hits that will beat out everyone else and take them making progress toward more than 20 unique scenes – including actual surveys and news reports that decide your heritage.

Like “A Rockstar At My Hamster” for the 21st century, Popscene investigates every possibility of music how Wrestling Revolution helped wrestling! The game is allowed to download, with the alternative to buy a “behind the stage pass” for considerably more substance

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Popscene separates the music-making measure into amusement (addressed by stars) and creativity (addressed by hearts). In actuality, well-known music is bound to shoot up the outlines and draw fans – yet without substance, the achievement might be fleeting. Every one of the game’s numerous craftsmen has the accompanying ascribes that impact this interaction:

Popsceen Mod Apk Features

  • POPULARITY is the craftsman’s capacity to attract fans to engaging substance.
  • REPUTATION is their capacity to attract fans to imaginative substance.
  • PERFORMANCE is their capacity to perform interesting tunes live.
  • TALENT is their capacity to perform creative melodies live.
  • PRODUCTION is their capacity to form engaging music.
  • WRITING is their capacity to develop creative music.
  • HAPPINESS is the delight they presently get from their work.
  • ATTITUDE demonstrates that they are so prone to either contribute or raise a ruckus.

This is a band the board sim, and as a band chief, you must enlist stars from the music business. Every week, contingent upon the size of your group and their aggregate disposition, new melodies might be recorded. Every individual from the group contributes their score to another tune, and whoever scores the most elevated will be credited with making it. Individuals committed behind the stage staff will contribute twice rather than once – inc the odds of a decent tune being composed.

When tunes exist, the dramatic entertainers should rejuvenate them. Similarly, as with composing, each musician in front of an audience contributes their score, and the most noteworthy decides how well the melody was gotten in every class. This time, it is the “frontman” who will contribute twice rather than once – so consider who is at the cutting edge.

The general rating for a show is the normal of the relative multitude of melodies performed – but somewhat more liberal with the goal that flawlessness isn’t needed. This is additionally valid for collection audits. A 5-star execution may comprise of steady 4-star commitments. Audits are the place where your exhibitions input into the details that delivered them because each characteristic will rise or tumble to reflect what occurred.

When booking scenes, you should consider the amount it will cost versus the amount you will probably recover. Tickets are sold at $5 per tune, so it depends on how long your set is. You will get a level of this income and should then utilize that to pay your representatives and some other costs.

Singles are sold at $1 each though collections are sold at $1 per tune for a limit of $10 (cha-ching!). If you have seven days of inertia, you may find that you make a misfortune given the costs of your way of life (which mirrors your riches). You take an enormous lump of lower-income on the free scene, so you should move to a significant name in the long run.


Popscene is a music industry simulation game that simulates the music industry. The game is fully unlocked and fully available on the game’s website. With in-depth and engaging gameplay, the game will offer enjoyable experiences for mobile gamers. Popscene mod apk has a fully unlocked version of the game on our website, and the game is entirely free to download from the store. So, download this amazing Popscene Mod APK to enjoy unlimited features.



What's new

- Enhanced compatibility with the latest screens in either landscape orientation, whilst still retaining support for older 32-bit devices.
- New music from other games in the series with slightly better sound quality.
- Expenses are a smaller percentage of your net worth.