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kick the buddy mod apk
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Kick the Buddy Mod Apk is an excellent and fun arcade game in which you can overcome stress, and you need to throw some sharp objects at a specific character called Buddy. For that, you get a dummy that needs to inflict as much damage as possible. Use grenades, rockets, guns, firearms, cold steel, and even atomic bombs to damage your main enemy.  

Kick the Buddy is a stress relief game. Explode, fire, destroy, crush, smash, shoot, freeze, send the power of the Gods, and do not even think about stopping. You presently have a virtually limitless arsenal to beat: grenades, rockets, projectiles, and even a nuclear bomb. 

We present to you Kick the Buddy. It’s something other than a game! This game is a top interactive action game.

  • Angry at your boss?
  • Need to smash surrounding you? 
  • Need more kicks?

kick the buddy mod apk

Kick the Buddy Mod Apk Informations:

App Name:Kick the Buddy Mod
Platform:Android, IOS
Size:95 MB
Need Root: No
Mod Features:Unlimited Golds and Cash Money
Views:1 468 383
Price: Free

The strategic promotional campaign:

The chicky tagline utilized by the developers made the game a group top pick. After a rough and wild day at the workplace, when we reveal our boss wholeheartedly, it gives immense joy to our depleted soul and some peace.

The developers of the Kick the Buddy found the perfect solution to exploit that crude feeling of an exhausted soul; they utilized the tagline “Angry at your chief?”, “Need to smash all around you?” in their marketing campaign. It conveyed the desired results.

How good is Kick the Buddy?

The game Kick the Buddy comes under the activity classification where the user gets their hand on an unlimited arsenal to utilize them and relieves the stress of the whole day. The developers allowed every user to kick, kill, destroy, crush, smash, freeze, or do anything the user needs except stopping. The utilization of mystical force got incorporated in the game.

It gives an extra dimension to the game. The game developers misused the stress and anger of the individual in a perfect combination and delivered an excellent entertaining match.

The word ‘exploitation’ is too unforgiving a word to throw at the developers. However, they construct a medium where people can discharge their daily dose of stress and anger on a six-by-six-inch show without harming anyone.

The developers went over the edge with the game when they provided the users with an extensive armory of ammunition for the machine guns and other cavalries. They even fused atomic bombs to nuke your boss in the game, which is either very funny or profoundly upsetting.

The graphics and interface quality:

The developers paid severe consideration to the incredible Kick the Buddy graphics, making the game as realistic as possible. The developers offer each user a free trial before wasting the data on downloading the game. The trial and download strategy works well for proper application. The quantity of downloads inside a year validates the fact that the game Kick the Buddy mod is, in fact, a decent one.

The support from the developers:

The developers are very proactive about improving the user experience. The time to time update discharged by the developers helped the users to dispose of their bug issues and glitches. It altogether ruined the pleasant aspect of the game.

The user interface of Kick the Buddy is quite clean, bright, and straightforward. This thing is making it very simple for users who don’t know their way around mobile games. The controls of the game are straightforward to understand, as the users stay away from the use of sophisticated control of the game. The moderate graphics of the game helped numerous people to enjoy the kick the Buddy with reasonable mobile specifications.

The moderate size of the game proved quite helpful for users who utilize the mobile data to download the game file rather than high-speed Wi-Fi connections. The ongoing update released by the developers toward the beginning of this year added new features to the game. They include the consolidation of new and deadly weapons to dust down your opponents. The level of hardness of the game increases with each passing mission, making it quite hard to master the game for a beginner player.

The interactive nature of the game:

The interactive and fantastic features of the game made the gaming experience even more fun and pleasant. The presence of mild violence present in the game dispensed the users under seven years of age. The one feature of the game, which will bother the hell out of an already disappointed person, the consistent interruption of the advertisements. The developers should find a solution to that and put a cap on the number of ads visible on each ongoing interaction.

Take it out on Buddy:

You’ve locked Buddy in a room, and now you can look over a variety of creative destruction devices to attack him with. Possibly you need to imagine that he’s your chief? Maybe he’s the person who your ex ran off with? However, who knows who he is, yet, we’re willing to figure out that you’re going to embed someone’s face on him.

Having a bad day? Here’s BUDDY!

We’ve not talked with psychologists before writing this post. However, we’re willing to bet that kicking the hellfire out of Buddy is useful for your mental health. If you’ve had a bad day at work, then we strongly suggest that you download this game and take out your dissatisfaction with the HR department on this ragdoll. At that point, you can keep on wearing a carefree smile throughout the day. 

Best ways to Kick the Buddy!

If you’re going to play Kick the Buddy, you should know that it tends to be very addictive, and you’ll live a better life for playing it. There are vast amounts of ways that you can kick Buddy and punish him. Initially, you should understand that the more damage you do to Buddy, the more coins you’ll acquire to spend on new and far better ways to attack him!

Nuke him. Wouldn’t be any fun if you couldn’t open an atomic bomb to detonate in front of Buddy’s face, would it? This is one of the definitive ways to punish Buddy – yet it’s all over so soon. You may want a more ‘stress easing’ way to hit him.

Hit him with a bat. You could state that this is one of the more stress-relieving approaches to punish Buddy. Taking a baseball bat and beating Buddy’s head in with it will bring you temporary snapshots of joy that are so sensitive that they’re like a delicately frozen cloud about to turn into snow. The serenity of smashing Buddy’s head in while imagining that it’s a person you don’t like will put you soundly to sleep in the evening time, cuddled in bed like a baby.

Get dinosaurs to strangle him to death. You can make dinosaurs nibble ropes that are folded around Buddy’s neck to strangle him. Likewise, you could have a go at releasing a pack of wild animals on Buddy, or a group of angry bats. There are numerous ways to consolidate your love of wildlife into torturing Buddy. You’ll love it.

Kick the Buddy MOD Apk Features:

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlock All Legendary Weapons
  • Free to download
  • Safe
  • Kick the Buddy Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device.

Nothing beats the fun when you get the opportunity to accomplish something with your friends. So the Kick The Buddy mod apk doesn’t fall behind in this class. The game permits you to add your companions so that you can double the fun by smashing things together. Everything is incredible when done with friends, regardless of whether it’s stress-relieving.

The game isn’t only a straightforward game that lets you reduce stress and anger. The game boasts excellent graphics, and the gamer can make proper utilization of the ideas of physics to smash and break things. For example, throwing watermelons on the character includes great use of target skills by the player.

The game doesn’t let you get bored that easily. There are a lot of components and classes which can be utilized by the gamer to make quirky combinations. The game grants you complete freedom in deciding how you need to reduce your stress.

Kick The Buddy mod apk is the perfect one-stop solution for every individual who is searching for someone to take out their anger. For a volcano about to blow up, the game offers a limitless weapons store to beat. The game certifications to make you relaxed, calm, and stress-free.

Important things you Know Kick the buddy mod apk:

kick the buddy

Download Kick the Buddy MOD Apk:

The internet gives us a great and lot of options claiming to provide access to the latest version of the Kick The Buddy mod apk. But the issue is that they just provide access to the texts which are not working. To tackle this, we did the proper research, and after that, we are offering sharing with you the download link, which will ensure access to the latest working version of the Kick The Buddy mod apk.

Requirements to Install Kick the Buddy Apk:

App Requirements

Android version required 4.4 and the latest versions of Android Phone and Tablets

  • 96.0Mb storage space required or more
  • Internet connection NOT needed to play
  • APK ID: com.playgendary.kick the Buddy
  • Fast internet connection to download and permit to access the files
  • Updated Apk Version: 1.0.6
  • Ads? YES
  • Price Free with In-App Purchases

Installation steps:

  • Firstly Click on below download page to start downloading of Kick The Buddy Mod Apk
  • Then Choose “Yes,” and the download process will begin.
  • After the download is completed, you will be taken to the installation page.
  • Select “Install,” and your android device will finish the process.

The above-provided link works well for all those who, for any reason, are unable to access and can’t get to the Google Play Store or cannot download the original and basic version of the Kick The Buddy game.

Permissions Required To Install:

This app has access to the Following.

  • Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth
  • View Wi-Fi connections
  • Call history and Contacts
  • Access the file system and folders
  • Activate location and use the GPS
  • Activate and use the microphone
  • Access your instant messages
  • Access any music files and Access any picture files
  • Activate and use the accelerometer
  • Access your notifications
  • Record audio

The review and ratings of the game:

The game Kick the Buddy apk mod is easily accessible on the Google Play Store free of any charge, making it helpful for people, who don’t plan to put away any cash on the game. The game requires excellent internet connectivity to play the game, making it quite hard for people who are always on the road.

The in-application purchase feature in the game consists of some fatal and deadly weapons that get unlocked when you pay through your credit or debit card. The developers of the game had a few other releases that didn’t manage to reach such heights of popularity like Kick the Buddy apk mod.

The ratings and reviews of Kick the Buddy further provide a seal of approval that the game merits any person’s time. The developers may have focused on people suffering from tension and stress, but the game is highly enjoyable for individuals who remain stress-free yet loves blowing off steam once in a while.


What does kick the buddy mod apk do?

It provides unlimited money/gold, weapons and also gives diamond membership for free.

Is it safe to download?

Yes, it’s entirely safe for download.

How to update the mod?

Click the bell icon and subscribe to our site, we’ll notify whenever there is an update available.

Why is the mod not installed on my android device?

Make sure you have allowed applications from unknown sources to be installed on your device.

Should your mobile be rooted?

No, your mobile doesn’t need to be rooted.


My experience with the Kick the Buddy mod is quite positive. The Kick The Buddy mod apk gives a great way using which you can get rid of all your anger and stress. You can utilize your imagination in the virtual existence where you can smash, break, and freeze with no one stopping you. The Kick The Buddy mod apk gives an all-important advantage of having unlimited coins, which implies that you can purchase rifles, explosives, and atomic bombs without stressing about the price tag. 

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