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Are all Princesses really waiting for Princes to come and save them? Not this time! Take control of a very dangerous Dragon in this action-packed adventure and help the furious princess on her revenge mission.
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Dragon Hills Mod APK Download Latest Version

Do Princesses largely truly trust that Princes will come and save them? Not this time! Assume responsibility for an extremely risky Dragon in this activity-pressed experience and help the furious princess on her vengeance mission. Slide down the hills, bouncing into and out of the ground, smashing and obliterating everything coming. So, download the latest version of dragon hills mod apk and enjoy this fantastic game.

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In the game, Android gamers will wind up playing as the lost princess caught by her adversaries and put into care for quite a while. It’s said that she should trust that a sovereign will come and safeguard her from the captors. In any case, a long time has elapsed, and nobody appears to appear at her salvage. With the gatekeepers, in any event, reinforcing their grasps, it appears to be practically miserable for any salvage endeavor.

Also that some frightful lawbreakers even endeavored to take the fortune that was stowed away in her pinnacle, which was just held for the person who saves her. Furthermore, in this way, our competent and trustworthy princess chose to break herself out of jail.

By jumping on her dragon monitor, whom she has made a companion for quite a long time, our princess will set out on her definitive breaks. Flying up over the air and jump into the profound ground, our princess will crush through all foes before her as she advances.

Gather a wide range of buffs and supporters coming, which would expand your dragon powers. Go ahead and let him inhale fire, crush through a wide range of impediments without supporting harms, etc. You’ll end up snared to this excellent portable round of Dragon Hills.

Features of Dragon Hills Mod APK

Here you’ll track down every one of the great highlights that the game has to bring to the table:


Participate in the excellent designs in Dragon Hills as you jump into the hypnotizing scenes of epic dragon activities and staggering landscapes. Have some good times as you guide your dragon rider princess to her vengeance against the hoodlums while releasing your lovely and fulfilling expertise moves. Appreciate great blasts and impacts with practical and responsive in-game physical science, which would make your Dragon Hills mod apk ongoing interaction incredibly fun and agreeable.

Furthermore, with the game being undemanding, you can have it introduced on a large portion of your Android gadgets. Partake in the smooth and fulfilling ongoing interaction without encountering any slacks or falters.


Along with the stunning visual encounters, gamers in Dragon Hills will wind up investigating and partaking in the beautiful sound in their game. Jump into epic battles with the foes and supervisors while drenching in the snappy and charming soundtracks. It’ll make the game much seriously engaging and vivid.

Straightforward and entertaining portable game 

First and foremost, Android gamers in Dragon Hills will wind up approaching the direct and entertaining ongoing interaction as you plunge into your in-game undertakings. Partake in the precise interactivity as you order your dragon to bring down beasts, adversaries, and a wide range of snags that are before you.

With the primary and instinctive one-contact controls, Android gamers in Dragon Hills will wind up getting to know the game somewhat speedy. Tap on the screen to move your dragon up or down. Plunge into the ground to keep away from adversaries’ assaults just as the deterrents, then, at that point, hurl yourself very high as you go to crush through them. The fun, quick, and angry interactivity will unquestionably fulfill the majority of you.

A progression of epic and energizing levels to survive 

What’s more, for those of you who’re intrigued, you’ll likewise end up approaching a progression of epic and energizing experiences in Dragon Hills. Take on a wide range of in-game levels that would take you through new terrains. End up being defied by new foes, new snags, etc. Ride into Dragon Hills while finding new and agreeable interactivity as you go. In addition, with the sensible trouble in each level, you’ll never end up being overpowered by the game.

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Overcome new palaces as you ride into new grounds 

To make your in-game encounters seriously fascinating and agreeable, gamers in Dragon Hills can likewise wind up investigating the massive ongoing interaction as you progress. Takedown new foes, overcome new palaces and partake in your epic dragon rides into new terrains. Have in as you plunge into various guides with fluctuated arrangements and in-game highlights.

Go ahead and annihilate everything around you. 

What’s more, for those of you who’re intrigued, it’s likewise feasible for you to jump into the engaging complementary lift experiences in Dragon Hills. Here, you’re allowed to find and eradicate all that is in your way. Crush through structures, houses, gatekeepers, explosives, and surprisingly monster dividers as you advance. The completely destructible will make the game extra reasonable and charming.

Take on intriguing adversaries en route and epic supervisors. 

What’s more, as you progress through new levels and new grounds, you’ll likewise end up being stood up to by a wide range of fascinating adversaries, each having their own extraordinary and irritating assaults. Also, at each level, you’ll likewise approach energizing supervisor fights against the absolute most scaring adversaries. Make employments of your dragon powers and sure buffs to overcome your foes adequately.

Make employments of different hardware and catalysts 

To make your dragon more fit for the difficulties ahead, it’s likewise feasible for you to get the great in-game catalysts with Dragon Hills. Start by redesigning your princess’ edges so she can without much of a stretch cut through her adversaries. Then, at that point increment our dragons’ shield so it can support longer during the fights.

Furthermore, as you jump into the battles, the game likewise includes a wide range of catalysts and buffs that you can without much of a stretch empower on your dragon. Partake in the epic battles as you transform your dragon into the uber mode, top off your lost HP, or consume your foes into cinders with unique fire breaths.


I end up snared to this marvelous relaxed ongoing interaction of Dragon Hills. Appreciate inside and out, intuitive and fulfilling interactivity with our irate princess. Furthermore, simultaneously, plunge into great visual and sound encounters with the fantastic interactivity. In any case, in particular, play the game for totally free on the entirety of your Android gadgets at whatever point you need.



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