Parallel Space Alternative [May-2022]

Parallel Space Alternative

Parallel Space is one of the versatile creations using which one can do multiple tasks at the same time. But seeing the rising competition, you can say that the market is loaded with enormous Parallel Space alternatives that have given the users a little more opportunity to explore the idea and have also brought in numerous developers, creating a competitive space on the ground.

The article is all about some of the solid Parallel Space alternatives apps that have grabbed the market to its fullest and captured huge attention in few years. Following are some of the Parallel Space alternatives app.

Parallel Space Alternatives for Android & iOS[May-2022].

2 Accounts APK [Dual Space & Dual Apps]

This app is ideal for those users who log in to the same account with different user credentials on the same phone. The best part is both the logins can use the same data and the second account created is also in parallel; you can also use separate storage.

Dual Space APK

Dual Space Lite is a lighter version that we released recently. It provides the lightest installation package, saving more system resources and running much faster.

Did you have to frequently switch different social account of same app on your phone?

Have you ever used two or more phones for keeping your accounts online just in case of missing any message from WhatsApp?

Now, Dual Space has released! It can perfectly solve your problem! You can easily use one phone to log in multiple accounts and keep them all online at the same time! And you don’t need to worry about the message reception and data storage problem of different accounts, because they will work independently and with no interference to each other.

Keep multiple social accounts logged in simultaneously.
· Keep your personal accounts and work accounts both online at the same time, and you can balance between life and work easily.
· Almost all social apps are supported for a second account in Dual Space. Data from different accounts will not interfere with each other.

Island (Early Access)

It is one of the multifaceted applications that one can go for to use multiple applications on one platform.

On the Island, you can:

* Isolate app, for privacy protection.
* Clone app, for parallel running.
* Freeze app, to completely block its background behaviors.
* Hide app, for various reasons.
* Use VPN only on one side, or different VPN on both sides.

Clone App APK – App Cloner & Parallel Space.

It is one of the versatile apps developed to access a particular app with different credentials. All you can do is to run the same app with different credentials at the same time. For example, you may use Facebook with multiple user logins at the same time. The app allows you to create a clone of your main app and run simultaneously. The clone app works like an independent app and any change you make on the clone like updating any permissions or adding any widget remains only functional to the specific app.

These are the top 4 apps that run very close to the nature of Parallel Space and justify their functions prominently in the market as their subscriber list narrates the story of their success and makes them as the true alternatives of Parallel Space app.

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