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Pioneer of war strategy games "Clash of Kings",, Annual offering - 7th Anniversary Celebration begins today! Change the old look for the new seven-year anniversary castle skin, login to receive the new look for your city (permanent skin)! The new night city is the start of a new era!
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Clash of Kings Mod APK Download Latest Version

Relatives of the Great Kings, presently is your odds to leave your definitive excursions into the grounds of CoK. Construct your realm and transform it into an extraordinary land by overcoming every one of your foes. Follow your fate as you flourish to turn into the following Great Kings in Clash of Kings mod apk.

Start by overcoming the foes that are at your entryway by developing your realm, selecting and training your militaries, and defeating the encompassing kingdoms to set up your forces. Join a great many web-based gamers from everywhere in the world to vie for a definitive seat.

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Interesting Gameplay

Clash of Kings acquaints gamers with recognizable stories where you’ll be the legitimate beneficiary of a realm that was once succeeded under the hands of your ancestors. Lamentably, hundreds of years of defilements and contemptible rulers have to lead the kingdom into tumult.

Presently, with the realm is in danger of being brought somewhere around the adversaries, you should stand up and get your fate. Be the one to lead individuals and battle the foes until harmony and success are reestablished on these lovely grounds.

You’ll end up being trapped in the inside clashes between numerous realms in the whole domain in the game. With the adversary is at the entryway, you can either decide to submit or retaliate and procure the wonders for yourself and your realm.

Start your epic excursion in Clash of Kings as you figure out how to develop a realm from a conflict-torn country. Make employments of various structures to gather the fundamental assets, begin enrolling your troopers to plan for your future undertakings, and remember to invigorate your city to forestall adversaries’ assaults.

Have fun in the warmth of fights as you plunge into the exciting methodology game. Investigate the inside and out ongoing interaction, figure out how to control a realm, and be a commendable pioneer for individuals to follow.

Incredible Features of Clash of Kings APK

Here you’ll track down every one of the thrilling highlights that the game has to bring to the table:

Free to play 

Notwithstanding every one of the astounding highlights that the game has to bring to the table, gamers in Clash of Kings Mod APK can, in any case, have the game introduced on their cell phones for totally free. That being said, you should download it from the Google Play Store, and you can bounce directly into the invigorating ongoing interaction.

Be that as it may, since the game is as yet a freemium title, you’re probably going to be annoyed by promotions and in-application buys. Subsequently, it would help if you investigated our modified adaptation of the game, which offers limitless cash and promotion free encounters, all things considered.


The game highlights epic visual encounters that take you directly into the fantastic universe of anecdotal middle-aged ages. Find the glorious battles as you are taken to the spectacular scale war zone. Control multitudes of thousands with the giant winged serpents. It’s troublesome not to feel shudder or get enthusiastic, particularly with the charming designs in the game.

Assemble your city and raise your militaries 

participate in this exemplary system game as you construct your city with numerous structures and fortresses. Investigate the encompassing grounds to search for assets and spots to win. Enlist your new soldiers and train your armed forces to make them more able during fights. Take part in various attacks and pinnacle protection fights. Join your favoured realms and advance your positions to become King.

Take on a wide range of in-game levels where you’ll gradually get to know the controls and ongoing interaction. Moreover, you’ll likewise acquire valuable rewards that would help you remain against the attacking foes; lastly, guarantee the rules of your realm.

Enjoy the energizing web based ongoing interaction with gamers from everywhere in the world 

To make the game seriously energizing, gamers are permitted to investigate the rest of the world whenever they’ve crushed the foes and assume responsibility for their whole realm. That being said, you can join a great many gamers across the world as you jump into the energizing web based ongoing interaction.

Appreciate wonderful constant PvP fights where you’ll order your whole armed forces to conflict with others in different game modes, from protecting your bases from foes’ assaults and the other way around to taking them head-on in an epic clash between two armed forces. Regardless, you’ll wind up having loads of fun in Clash of Kings.

Different civic establishments 

Likewise, with Clash of Kings, gamers will wind up approaching a wide range of civic establishments with their own novel qualities. This incorporates the renowned Roman, Huaxia, Viking, Yamato, Dragon-conceived, etc. Contingent upon your inclinations, you can pick your number one civic establishment and jump into the epic Clash of Kings.

Investigate the new developments of Dragon-conceived, Viking, Yamato, and Huaxia vanquish every single new domain. With new legends, each with their fortes engaging it out in the old valley, these fight tried heroes are prepared for severe battling activity inside the always growing multiplayer dreamland.

Numerous things and promoters to help you 

Furthermore, to help you build your realm just as engaging the foes, the game also includes a wide range of things and sponsors that you can make employments. Their belongings could immensely fluctuate. For the guarded perspectives, they’ll help you speed up, make your structure more effective, invigorate your safeguards, power up the protections, etc.

Concerning the offensive side, the things and sponsors permit your militaries to have improved strength and capacities, making them more able during the epic attacks against the adversaries.

Procure wonders and renown for your realm 

Also, for the individuals who wish to seek after the limit, you can end up vieing for the positioned fights. Win against your rivals in thrilling on the web fights and advance your realm in the positioning tables. Procure wonders and eminence, so numerous others know you and your realm. Also, that being in the leaderboards additionally permits your realm to acquire different buffs and benefits. So please don’t pass up on any opportunities to make it to the top.

Complete missions and difficulties in opening magnificent prizes 

Furthermore, Clash of Kings also includes many tasks and problems for you to appreciate alongside the primary interactivity. Go ahead and jump into the dynamic and habit-forming ongoing interaction that the game has to bring to the table. Win your matches and open magnificent prizes.

Investigate the habit-forming Alliance ongoing interaction 

To make the web-based ongoing interaction seriously fascinating, gamers in Clash of Kings are additionally permitted to investigate the Alliance mode. Here, you’re allowed to make your Clans or join the other existing ones. When you do, you’ll wind up approaching many energizing Alliance difficulties and missions that are just accessible in this mode. Moreover, it’s likewise a decent spot for individual partners can convey and examine their strategies.

Download Clash of Kings Mod most recent 6.36.0 Android APK 

Fanatics of the popular Clash of Clans and Boom Beach will end up partaking in their extraordinary experiences in this epic world. Also, with the game being allowed to play, we don’t perceive any purposes behind you not to appreciate it without limit.



What's new

7.08 Update Announcement
September 2, the Dragon's Cave ushered in a new giant dragon - Shadow Dragon
By attacking the Shadow Dragon Hestal, you can obtain Shadow Dragonglass, and collect a certain number of Shadow Dragonglass to activate the Shadow Dragon. Shadow Dragon can provide rare attributes such as all units attack, infantry basic HP, and reduce the crit rate of enemy archer!